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Looks like there's a Zombie apocalypse happening in Gotham this .

I created Zinq specifically to network with young people just like this young woman struggling to take advantage of today's technology in music, media, robotics & AI.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Zinq proof of technology. The server side systems are stable & secure. Now it's on to Phase II, building mobile clients for Android & iPhone, and building the content necessary to reach critical mass as a platform. We'll keep posting during the summer ahead of a Labor Day re-launch with our content partners. Thanks again.

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Know your rights - How to Prepare Yourself for a Protest—and What to Do If You End Up in Cuffs

Thanks for joining up. What's your interests?

DM pitches for 300 word articles/interviews with people associated with HBCU's. Who's the best DJ/Beatmaker/Musician at your school, a writeup & picture is one idea. Time to build content for the site.

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